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  Module FileSystem Updated
 Written by at 08-27-2003 Comments: Here SourceForge Link: Here
Hi all,

the second release of the filesystem module is up.
This release replaces the test1 version and the SQL Editor library release.

You can find the download here.

I have also added a new info file called tags.txt. This file includes a list of all branches in the cvs repository of OpenProject.
The first branch is the filesystem module.

On the main trunc i'm preparing the first tests for the database structure for the project manager module.

So, if you want to use the filesystem module from the cvs, don't forget to switch to the branch:
add the -r option to the cvs update command, for example:
cvs up -P -d -r revision.


  SQL Editor module added
 Written by at 08-17-2003 Comments: Here SourceForge Link: Here
Hi all,

the next release is done.
It is a library for the upcoming release of the OpenProject Administrator.

This tool will be enable the easy confíguration of the OpenProject clients.
Before, it will be useful for all released test programs and modules.

The generated or edit configuration files are part of the next release of the FileSystem module. This version (0.1.test2) will be released in the next days.

You can find the download here.

So please be patient, the things going on.

  First module test started
 Written by at 08-10-2003 Comments: Here SourceForge Link: Here

First test release for the filesystem project:

The first archiv for testing the upcoming filesystem module of OpenProject is aviable now.
Check this page for details.


  Webpage - Launch
 Written by at 07-27-2003 Comments: No SourceForge Link: Not aviable

Up and ready:

The webpage is now designed and is aviable under the url
The content will be filled in the next days, so please be patient.


  Basic HOWTO added
 Written by at 07-27-2003 Comments: Here SourceForge Link: Here

A new document is now aviable:

I have added a new document which describes the requirements to use the Aratora sources. Following points are included:

  • Getting the sources
  • Installing and preparing the MySQL Server (Windows)
  • Building required packages with Delphi

U can find the document as html version here or as downloadable pdf document here.


  SourceForge project started
 Written by at 07-23-2003 Comments: Here SourceForge Link: Here

Good news:

I have started the project hosting at Content will be following soon.